We and our clients

Satnet is the first ISP in Karlovo that replaced the slow and expensive dial-up with LAN back in the year 2002. Overcoming the limitations of the communication technologies at that time, we walked the difficult and dynamic way of the internet revolution to grow professionally to the level of the leading world ISPs. Today, large ISPs trust us to represent them in Karlovo. Our clients are banks, municipalities and many companies. We wouldn’t have achieved this success without the support of our loyal clients, most of whom are with us since the beginning. We are grateful to all our clients who support us and we work hard to keep and improve the friendship provider-client.

Accents in Satnet's history

  • 2002The company was founded by Dimitar Vangelov
  • 2003Satnet started building its cable network for internet access in Karlovo
  • 2004The company is registered and licensed in the CRC as an Internet Service Provider
  • 2005The network grows and covers all towns and villages in the municipality.
  • 2007Satnet introduces and is registered to ISO9001 for quality control
  • 2009A modern communication tower is built for high-speed wireless access
  • 2010Satnet changes its whole passive backbone to fiber optics. Starts to offer services as FTTH и FTTB.
  • 2013A second commnication tower is built to cover the villages west of Karlovo.
  • 2014The company implements a new ERP system.
  • 2015Satnet redesigned its network congestion architecture and relocated its backbone equipment at a modern, high-end technical room.
  • 2016The company moves its headquarters to its new premises at 10 Svejen str.

Internet Bill Payment

  • Online payment by ePay
  • Cash payment at Post Office
  • Card pyment by bPay
  • Bank payment
  • Cash payment by EasyPay
  • Cash payment at Satnet office



All clients, who pay 6 months in advance, will get 1 month free bonus.

Free wireless router for clients that have paid 18 monthly fees in advance
Valid up to 30-th June 2017

Leasing for wireless devices