ATM payment

You can pay your Satnet bill in every ATM by the B-Pay service, using your debit or credit card. The service is available 24 hours.

Instructions for paying by b-Pay

After you find an ATM and insert your card, you should do the following steps in order to pay your Satnet bill:

1. Choose Other services

2. Choose b-Pay

3. Choose Code and input Satnet's code 7484640275

4. Next step Personal number input you client number with Satnet, which you can learn by calling our 24 hrs support.

5. Click payment after you see your monthly bill.

Internet Bill Payment

  • Online payment by ePay
  • Cash payment at Post Office
  • Card pyment by bPay
  • Bank payment
  • Cash payment by EasyPay
  • Cash payment at Satnet office



All clients, who pay 6 months in advance, will get 1 month free bonus.

Free wireless router for clients that have paid 18 monthly fees in advance
Valid up to 30-th June 2017

Leasing for wireless devices