Internet for home users

Internet access for your home can be realised by cable. In order to connect to our cable network you will need a computer with netwok card or a router.

In regions, where there is no network coverage, the link can be realised by wireless. You will need a wireless device, which can be supplied by us.
n both options, you can count on a reliable, guaranteed and fast connection.

Become our client and you will get:

  • Public static IP address
  • Not binding contract
  • Unlimited by traffic, TTL, active sessions and network devices internet access.
  • Support from 9:00 to 22:00 every day
  • Capability to suspend the subscription for a period of time

Price plan for home users

Installation fee0 BGN0 BGN 160 BGNx
Monthly fee15 BGN25 BGN 15 BGNx
Contractnot bindingnot binding not bindingnot binding
Trafficunlimitedunlimited unlimitedunlimited
Bandwidth20 Mbps40 Mbps20 Mbps x Mbps
IP addresspublic staticpublic static public staticpublic static

x - Conditions depend on the client's requiriments


  • There is no limit on the number of computers, but for optimal results they should be no more than 2-3. For a bigger number a router for bandwidt control should be used and most probably a higher package.
  • The monthly fee is stable and carries no additional taxes and commissions.
  • The monthly fee for internet access is being paid for the following month.
  • The Maximum possible speed for all plans is 100 Mbps, symetric for download and upload; The minimum download speed is 20 Mbps and upload 10 Mbps; The usual speed is the advertised one.
  • Satnet is not responsible for internet service worsening caused by circumstances, not depending on the company.
  • Structural cabling at home is being paid additionaly according to the Satnet price-list.

Internet Bill Payment

  • Online payment by ePay
  • Cash payment at Post Office
  • Card pyment by bPay
  • Bank payment
  • Cash payment by EasyPay
  • Cash payment at Satnet office



All clients, who pay 6 months in advance, will get 1 month free bonus.

Free wireless router for clients that have paid 18 monthly fees in advance
Valid up to 30-th June 2017

Leasing for wireless devices