The Satnet backbone network was designed by eng. Stefan Gardev - one of the top Bulgarian system administrators. The hierarchy of network devices is constructed in a way to guarantee stability, capacity and reliability of the network as whole.
A high number of our links are built based on the parallel topology principle for a double reassurance of critical points. Despite its high price, this investment has provided uninterruptible service many times in force majeure circumstances as thunderstorms, theft, hacker attacks etc.
The devices used in our backbone are from reputable manufacturers. We use routers Cisco, Zyxel, Juniper and Mikrotik; high class switches from TP-Link and Zyxel; Wireless Point to Point devices from Ubiquity.
Since its creation in 2002, our network develops constantly in order to be always up to date and ready to meet the challenges, derived from the dynamic evolution of modern information technologies.

Communication towers

Satnet built its first communication tower during the year 2003 in Sredna Gora Mountain. Its primary use was to connect our network to the Sofia backbone, because at that time there were no fiber optic links to Karlovo. Parallel with that, Satnet builds a second tower on a peak in East Sredna Gora with the idea to connect our network to other providers in Stara Zagora in order to be able to offer uninterruptible service. These two towers provide the interconnectivity of Satnet's network for the following 6 years. In 2008 Satnet has access to fiber optic links.
In 2009 the company constructs its first modern communication tower for covering all villages around with broadband links. The benefits are outstanding and the clients from small and remote villages benefit a high quality internet.
A year later Satnet constructs a second communication tower in order to be prepared to meet the growing technology evolution.

Fiber optic network

Today, Satnet's network is an aggregation of cable and wireless network, connected in the fiber optics backbone. The tendency is to increase FTTB and FTTH services and reduce copper cable one.
Our fiber optics technologies specialists attend conferences and trainings annually to improve their qualification. As architects and technicians of our network, they know that the responsibility is quite big, because internet nowadays is a majour necessity and should have quality.
Our team is working hard to be in tact with modern technologies and offer a high quality service to our clients.

Internet Bill Payment

  • Online payment by ePay
  • Cash payment at Post Office
  • Card pyment by bPay
  • Bank payment
  • Cash payment by EasyPay
  • Cash payment at Satnet office



All clients, who pay 6 months in advance, will get 1 month free bonus.

Free wireless router for clients that have paid 18 monthly fees in advance
Valid up to 30-th June 2017

Leasing for wireless devices