Structural cabling

Structural cabling is the base of building an efficient information infrastructure in every modern organization or home.
Satnet has a long-standing experience and know-how of building such systems, by complying to the basic principles of efficiency universality, resistance, centralization and aesthetics.
We design the structural cable system in such way, that it can be used to carry data, video signals and voice. Different network protocols ay be used and it is nt dependant of the rapid and dynamic technology development.

Building a Hotspot System

Hotspot is a point, at which an internet access is being delivered to clients by a wireless technology. The service is accessible by devices with wireless network interface like tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc. The clients connect via authorization gateway with username and password.
The service is suitable for hotels, parks, restaurants and others.

Wireless links

The service is offered to clients, who need to transfer traffic between 2 or more distant points. The link is being designed depending on distance, conditions and the needed capacity.
The service consists of 2 parts - construction and maintenance. Regarding the second one, the client may choose to use or not the services of the company.

Additional services

In addition to its basic internet service, Satnet offers other services as well.
We repair computers, network device and computer peripherials generally in our repair center.
We maintain web and mail servers in order to be able to satisfy the needs of our cliets for free web hosting and mailbox.
Our qualified technicians install and configure different IT devices for our clients.

Internet Bill Payment

  • Online payment by ePay
  • Cash payment at Post Office
  • Card pyment by bPay
  • Bank payment
  • Cash payment by EasyPay
  • Cash payment at Satnet office



All clients, who pay 6 months in advance, will get 1 month free bonus.

Free wireless router for clients that have paid 18 monthly fees in advance
Valid up to 30-th June 2017

Leasing for wireless devices